Changing Places - President's message

November 25th 2014

I would like to congratulate and thank all who attended the dinner and/or mini-conference in Katoomba and thank our Conference Supporter Remplan.

Feedback to date has been very positive with delegates indicating that they made valuable contacts and picked up some handy hints relevant to the work they do.

The Thursday night dinner provided an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with each other, network and share ideas. It was pleasing to hear offers of help being made around around the tables and discussions relating to possible future partnerships.

This is what EDN is all about – caring and sharing. It may sound a little corny and result in a little eye rolling but the stand out for me at these events is the passion that economic development people have for their jobs and community.

The Friday conference atmosphere was an extrapolation of the Thursday night as we were joined by the Friday only people.  

I believe the speakers from the Blue Mountains Economic Enterprise surprised us all with their tourism statistics regarding the world’s most popular destination for food and wine events.

We shared Paul’s success with a recap of Enliven Pittwater and the impacts it has had, Lisa’s summary of support programs available to help us with our roles and excellent examples of our supporter Remplan’s economic modelling, thank you Matt and Jenny.

As an advocate of the therapeutic value of laughter I hope you also enjoyed my irreverent presentation of Sticky Streets and participation in the world’s fastest Annual General Meeting, well done John.

On a personal note, a more sobering experience was poking my head into the Paragon Café, acknowledged as the oldest café in Australia, and realising that the last time I was there was 45 years ago!  How time flies when you are having fun.

Duncan Gilchrist



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